Mounting Ganutell Flowers – part 1

The delicate beauty of Ganutell flower arrangements lends itself to wonderful decorations for your home. Most of the flowers I make are sold for this purpose, and that means I must be creative in finding ways to use them. 

I recently did a post (here) showing a wreath I’d decorated with an arrangement, and I do love the way it turned out. I’ve often used crystal candle holders as well, and you’ll see lots of these in the photos in many of my posts. shotglass1Because the arrangements are rather small, we’re limited in our choices of ways to mount them, and I’ve had to spend countless hours searching the internet for new ideas. I have found a few items that I’ve been experimenting with, and some have worked well, so I wanted to share those with you.

This is a shot glass that is quite reasonable in cost. They are about three inches tall, and well weighted at the bottom to prevent tipping. I’ve placed clear glass marbles inside, then filled with resin (I like to use Quick Water – I’ll post about this soon). When I placed the flowers in the glass I thought it looked slightly top heavy, so I added a simple ribbon bow at the middle for a more balanced look.shotglass2

I think it came out well, and am pleased with the result. If you have ideas for using your Ganutell flowers, please share them in a comment, or on the Bead and Wire Flowers Facebook page. As always, if you need help with your flowers or have a question, don’t hesitate to use the contact tab above.

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. Sharon says

    Nancy, I just remembered you are already in the group! Consider it a senior moment!

  2. Sharon says

    Nancy, thanks so much for your kind comments on my work. I have Maria’s book as well, and use it often for inspiration and reference. Because of the materials used,and the construction of the flowers, Ganutell flowers tend to be rather small. I’ve made them larger by using slightly heavier floss, or by adding small beads between wraps, etc. I generally don’t try to determine the exact size of a flower prior to making it, but rather use less wraps and beads if I want a smaller petal, and more wraps and embellishments when I want a larger one. This is a great question, though, Nancy, and I’d love it if you’d join my Facebook group and ask it there so we can discuss it further and I can post some photos for you. You can join us at

  3. Nancy says

    Hi Sharon,

    I have been working on Ganutell flowers for a month or two and was luck enough to have both your book and the book Ganutell by Maria Kerr. Both books are great references. Maria’s book is only available in Malta but I was lucky enough to contact her when she was about to visit her sister in the US. She brought one o her books with her and mailed it from SC saving me a great deal of postage!

    I am having some difficulty figuring out how big some of the finished flowers are, especially since I seem to wrap tighter than you do. Could you post the sizes of some of your flowers. Your work is beautiful!

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