My incredible shrinking workspace …

In addition to ganutell, I love to work in several art mediums. While I spend most of my time creating
ganutell workspace 1bead and wire flowers, I often create vintage jewelry, or do a mixed media canvas, or play with glass in a kiln. This requires keeping lots of tools and supplies at hand, but I am blessed with a dedicated art room in my apartment in addition to a rented studio space down the street. I even use what used to be called the dining room table for creating ganutell flowers!

I believe in a neat workspace – it’s a must for me if I’m to be creative – and I seem to ganutell workspace 2spend a lot of time cleaning/organizing my art spaces. So I’d like to know why I never seem to have more than a six-inch workspace at any given time. Do the workspace fairies come out during the night and spread tools and supplies over all my work areas??? Surely that’s not my doing … I thought I always put everything away as I used it. Who’s creating all these little messes???

Do you have a secret to keeping your workspace organized?





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