Wonderful Wire in Ganutell

I’ve posted about creating ganutell flowers with wire before, but I wanted to share again the lovely flowers that can be made using only wire. If you don’t have the tools or the time to make the wire and floss thread used in traditional ganutell, it’s ganutell in wire fine to use wire by itself.

This flower was made using a 30 gauge wire, wrapped around the usual 24 gauge wire, and embellished with lots of beads. I’ve used 28 gauge wire as well, and the resulting flower was just as pretty, but with a less delicate look. I like to purchase my wire from Paramount Wire … they offer wire in a beautiful variety of colors, with great service and delivery.

I’ve embellished the flower with crystals and used ganutell wire for the stamens. I quite like the look, and plan to make a lot of these. Have you made ganutell flowers using just wire? I’d love to see them! Please share at my Facebook page!

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